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Hello and welcome to my website! I'm just a person who made this website since I wanted to try something new. This website is also for me to express myself and share about certain things. I also made this website on Microsoft Edge, using a 1366x768 display. This website could also update frequently since Neocities is pretty much my only option of a "live editor." Anyways thanks for checking out!
If you want to check out the older version of this page, click here!

To do List:

Finish main website buttons: 4/8

Redesign about me page

Split my graphics and web resources page into seperate ones

Create a chatbox

Create a background directory for graphics page

Archive old ver of website

Make a custom scrollbar design tutorial

access keys
(be able to click a specific key to navigate.)

October 28th, 2023: Sorry everyone for being inactive for almost like. A month :sob: I was taking a break and was very busy doing school, hopefully I'll get work done on this website soon!

October 3rd, 2023: The Sitemap page was created and finished! Also there's some new graphics I made found in my resources page.

October 1st, 2023: My About me page was created, although still heavily in progress.

September 29th, 2023: Links page was created and finished!

September 28th, 2023: WOO NEW HOME PAGE!!! Anyways here's a awesome new homepage that I set up! It felt a little hard to finish (especially flipping one little scrollbar) but here it is.

September 24th, 2023: Just doing background work. The resources page is now up! But there currently isn't much yet.

September 12th, 2023: Finished up my about page. Currently working on the resources page now! I will be planning to make some better adjustments for the homepage and landing, so everything could be better adjusted since I learned more how to code!

September 7th, 2023: I finished up my homepage and landing screen, as well as beginning to create my about page!

August 30th, 2023: This site was created!

The Girl In The Mirror - Ikenfell
Frilled Jellyfish Gacha Theme - CookieRun: Kingdom
Night Theme - Little Witch in the Woods

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