Kikapi's World! (WIP)

Hello and welcome to my part of the web, feel free to explore around! This is my personal webpage where I'm here to show the things I've created and share anything about me.
This website might update pretty frequently (since I don't have a code preview application)

This site does have Javascript! It's mainly for the accessibility tools so nothing will break completely.

Best viewed on Microsoft Edge with a 1366x768 display.

Other stuff



September 24th, 2023: Just doing background work. The resources page is now up! But there currently isn't much yet.

September 12th, 2023: Finished up my about page. Currently working on the resources page now! I will be planning to make some better adjustments for the homepage and landing, so everything could be better adjusted since I learned more how to code!

September 7th, 2023: I finished up my homepage and landing screen, as well as beginning to create my about page!

August 30th, 2023: This site was created!



The Girl In The Mirror - Ikenfell
Night Theme - Little Witch in the Woods
Better Place - Spring Gang