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About me!

You can call me Kikapi on here.
You can refer me other nicknames,
like Kika but I mostly prefer
people using my full name!

I am a demigirl, and mainly use
She/Her as my pronouns.

You can also use any other
pronouns for me though!
The ones I really like are
She/Her and They/Them.

When I was making this website, I honestly didn't had the idea to make it at first. I'd didn't have no coding experience at all well maybe a little... But I didn't learned fully how to. Also I wasn't interested into the idea at first until someone I knew, had made this INSANE website and I was like, I needa make to make one too šŸ¤Æ. So I guess that's how this website was made.

More about me. I like making art, more so drawing things, since I don't have the experience for other things like animating and music. Most of assets you see at the moment are all made by me!
I am most unsure about my sexuality, so I guess I am bisexual as well as asexual. But I lov my bf so much He's at the bottom of this