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Are you leaving now? Well before you leave, you have to check out these websites shown below! I just think they're neat.
(Some buttons will be slowed down to avoid flashing lights.)

Site Buttons

Want to use my site buttons? Well go ahead
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PunkWasp SUPERHS yarrow Jassu Pizzacat Delights MIRAISM Dennogin mezucore Lost Rhythm froggybear

Other Cool Websites

meixins Cherry waves nonkiru Ripple DOKODEMO
chartreuse Fuchi Cloverbell SugarBlush neoratz
Just Fluffing Around Websets by Lynn VenCake garbage town Doremi
Shooting Stars bloopywoopy Cinnamuff's Galaxy! strawbebby The Garden of Madeline
AllyRat mn1ca/創建 CONFETTIGUTS sanguine royal
boypusy orhade ADORBS Mari cardcaptors
neonnights MILKZONE Lazer-Bunny hill house Churuyaland
pinkdog's palace Comfort wappydog Fulvern buntsukim
remiku ctrl64 jeith angelscake Ame's Cat Kingdom
Franny's Website ilysm puruland GHOST PEPPERZ spiritcellarart
Nickolox NICKTATOR berii

Button Grave

Websites that had seem to be lost that I had here, I'm going to miss them!

a0i Jay's mice zone sleepysharkz

Gift Buttons

Buttons I gave as a gift (If I managed to think about designing one)
Or ones that I'm given to!

For Lost Rhythm
Lost Rhythm

Stuck Together - Ikenfell