About myself

Welcome to my about me page
hi hiiiii :wave: :wave: Anyways you
can call me Kikapi
Not gonna share
my real name since I think it sounds

I'm just some girl who lives in Ohio
And also not sure if I might stay as
a girl or become non-binary, so I'd
label myself as a Demi-girl since that's
best suitable for me
Also since I just love the fact the
flag is grey and pink! (both of those
are my fav color)

During my whole life, I just had a lot
of time trying to fit in with people in
real life, but overtime I just got
really fearful and
introverted around others. Even
when it comes to talking to
others on the internet, so that's
why I might not say much when
following others.

But I found Neocities one of the best places to actually express myself
and be able to share any of my interests, seeing everyone else's personal websites makes me feel much better being here, especially seeing others with the same interests as me! Being here has a whole new feel that I couldn't describe.

Other than that, I like drawing, theres a bunch of assets on this website that is completely drawn by me! Even most of the graphics in my resources page was made by me. I'm starting to animate stuff now, but it's really hard to do such when I'm using a drawing app that doesn't give much for animating. So I just make layers at a time and either make them as a video or short gifs.

I also love playing games, usually some that are RPG's with a magical/fantasy setting or games that are calming in general
(Not too calming because I might just leave it instead.)
There's more stuff I'd explain later in the interests tab. And I think coding is a new thing that I'm starting to like! I used to play a game, something like Blocksworld and you just place in certain controls to make certain things do things and act. I think it's just like that but you usually create games in that game, and coding doesn't have a marketplace to by indiviual code and such
Or some actually did that, and if so just why they want to sell something like that >:(

I also found it such that people call me smart, I didn't believe it much when I was younger but I think I'm starting to believe it since when it comes to english, I do very well. but I don't think I'd approve that when it comes to math. I'm also very unsure how my future will be and would have any plans to get started on it, But I usually just follow goals that other people set instead of me doing it. So my one goal is to at least graduate in high school.

About This Site

Honestly I didn't thought of making this site at first, I just didn't had much of the idea and plus I definitely didn't know about coding. But I heard someone that I knew SUPERHS made a very cool website that just inspired me a lot, That's also how I found out about Neocities. One thing I learned about beinng here is that I definitely shouldn't steal any code, so I just learned how to build this site from scratch. W3schools showed me a lot about coding stuff, but it only helped a little so I sometimes look at other peoples code I did not try to steal anything but I only look at the code as to know how to position your website to the center and how to keep images still. Then I finished my first version of my website! I wasn't as satified with the look though, so I made a version 2 of this website and i'd say it looks much better
And the fact I finished version two in less than 5 days might just say I had too much time on my hands...

Anyways thanks for reading this whole thing if you did, I'm not sure what else to say before, but I realize I can send out a whole text about my life instead of get word limited on social media platforms. I'm not really good at this bio stuff because most of the time I just don't have much to say, but I did wrote all of this.



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